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Because of a single meeting of bishops in , at the city of Nicea in modern-day Turkey. There, Brown argues, church leaders who wanted to consolidate their power base he calls this, anachronistically, "the Vatican," or "the Roman Catholic church" created a divine Christ and an infallible Scripture—both novelties that had never before existed among Christians. Brown is right about one thing and not much more.

3. Three Key Texts

In the course of Christian history, few events loom larger than the Council of Nicea in When the newly converted Roman Emperor Constantine called bishops from around the world to present-day Turkey, the church had reached a theological crossroads. Led by an Alexandrian theologian named Arius, one school of thought argued that Jesus had undoubtedly been a remarkable leader, but he was not God in flesh. Arius proved an expert logician and master of extracting biblical proof To continue reading, subscribe now.

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Breaking The Da Vinci Code

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Argument masquerades as historical truth in 'The Da Vinci Code' - Opus Dei

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Email Address. Subscribe to the selected newsletters. Get the best from CT editors, delivered straight to your inbox! You have reached the end of this Article Preview. Log in Subscribe. Already a CT subscriber? Log in for full digital access. They are the only canonical Gospels. The Gnostic Gospels were never deleted from the mainstream Christian canon, since they were never serious contenders for inclusion.

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Page refers to the book entitled The Gnostic Gospels, which is said to contain photographs of papyri documents found among the Nag Hammadi and Dead Sea Scroll collections. Moreover, the book does not contain any photographs of ancient documents at all.

2. The Premise

None of the Dead Sea documents are gospels concerning Jesus. In fact, the Dead Sea Scrolls are not even Christian texts, since they were written by Jewish sectarians.

The Last Supper

There is also no historical evidence that Constantine enacted an imperial policy of burning prohibited gospels. Until very recently, the subject had only been explored by various conspiracy theorists and revisionist historians, including the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail On page , Sophie reads from the Gospel of Mary.

The revelation given to Mary in this Gnostic gospel concerns deliverance of the soul, not instructional guidance for the Church. Read Compliances. Toggle navigation. Current Students calendar.