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The judicial branch is not subject to the law per case law via the state Supreme Court. Records that are not covered, or are exempt, include:. Background checks in Kentucky are handled by two different agencies. This is for a public records report, and it is also a name-based report. The Kentucky State Police also administer background checks for licensing, criminal justice and employment purposes. These are also name-based reports but require the signed consent of the person being reported on.

If you are looking for information on offenders in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, need help with Victim Services, or want to learn more about the correctional facilities in the state, you can go to the state Department of Corrections website. You will be prompted to enter Last, First, and Middle Name of the offender. We can locate almost anyone Missing Person, Family Member, Class Mate, an Old Friend, Witnesses in large civil cases, or those who have knowledge about criminal events. We value all requests for witness location, and conduct each search with aggressive, professional effort.

We have the technological expertise to search thoroughly, and personnel who can dedicate themselves to your search. Background Check Confidential Investigations Inc. Full background checks offers you the opportunity to gather relevant information about a person of interest so that you can make a better informed decision. Another very common usage of public records in the United States is for background checks.

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Background checks include information such as criminal history or history of any type of civil litigation. Remember, all court records and the like are government documents. This article is designed to inform you and also to guide you in the right direction when performing any kind of background check.

Are criminal background checks required for nursing home employees in Kentucky?

You will soon find that searching for free public records in the Commonwealth of Kentucky is not as challenging as you might have thought. If you are a small business owner in Kentucky, chances are you are reading this article specifically because you want to run background checks.

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Background checks are used during the recruitment process, to provide you with information about a person that might impact their performance on the job. Most likely, you are interested in criminal history.

Similarly, you might be a property owner or a property manager in Kentucky and are interested in incorporating background checks into your applicant screening process. Or whether you an trust a babysitter or a home renovations contractor?

Kentucky Criminal Records Search

Background checks involve a meticulous but simple process of searching the public records in Kentucky or wherever else the person may have lived. Misconceptions about public records tend to proliferate around the Internet.

A New Kentucky Expungement Law Clears Records

Public records are a public service. That means that your tax dollars are already funding the administration of public records at the local, state, and federal levels. While you might need to pay a nominal fee for additional services like printing or mailing certified copies of public records, overall they are free to you. Public records are free because of the principle of free information.

Kentucky Criminal Records

A government that aims to be a true democracy must build its foundations on freedom of information. Freedom of information, or transparency in government, is ensconced in federal and state laws. For example, we have the federal Freedom of Information Act. We in Kentucky also have a state level freedom of information law with the Open Records Act.

Now, you may have found websites that claim to provide you with the background check service for a fee.

Feel free to use those services if you need them, or you can refer to this guide and do the process yourself. Public records are exactly what they sound like: any document or data including multimedia, like video or photographs that are created and stored by public service or government agencies.

State of Kentucky Most Updated Online Public and Criminal Records Portal

With the exception of things like trade secrets of national security secrets, most of the records kept by all government agencies is open to the public for review. Journalists access public records all the time in their research, as do attorneys.

Kentucky Public Record Law.

For example, if the state were building a case against a person, the district attorney would check the court records and arrest records to see if that individual had any prior convictions. A journalist can verify names, or check the transcripts of legislative meetings to see how specific congressmen voted. Kentucky Local, State, and Federal Records.

Just to confuse you further, different government agencies do keep different public records and it is not all that straightforward to know where to find what document. This guide will help you with that, focusing on the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Kentucky Employee Background Checks - KY Pre-Employment Screening

Most of the public records you will be looking for that includes birth certificates, property records, criminal records, and the like will be stored by local, county, and state government agencies rather than federal ones. Doing so and then using that information to make a hiring decision or a decision about who to rent out to could be grounds for a lawsuit.

One of the great benefits of using this guide is that you are more certain of being FCRA-compliant in your hiring practices.