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Click on the image above to see what is publicly available. You may be eligible to have your Oklahoma Department of Corrections record removed. Click above to view your public DOC records. Oklahoma City has their municipal court records online where the public can easily access your charges. Like other online records, an expungement will cause these records to be removed.

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Click the image above to research public OKC Municipal records. Contact our firm for FREE and confidential information. This process is referred to as expungement or in some cases, expunction of the criminal file. In Oklahoma, there are two types for which an individual may qualify. The first, defined under 22 O. This allows the defendants name to be sealed from Oklahoma court records and public view, and the disposition of the case is changed from a guilty plea to reflect a plea of not guilty, case dismissed.

While this seals your court record from public checks, your arrest record remains on file with the OSBI. In order to seal your Oklahoma criminal record, you must meet specified criteria outlined under 22 O. These statutes explain the qualifications and procedures in Oklahoma. If you would like to clear your record, consulting a qualified lawyer is the first step. An attorney can examine your file to determine the best option for which you qualify, and he knows the procedure for quickly and properly petitioning the court for an expungement of your court records or criminal history.

Anyone who complies with the terms of his or her probation under a deferred sentence is eligible to have his or her record expunged under 22 O. People convicted of certain misdemeanors and non-violent felonies may be eligible under 22 O. In many cases, a person may have his or her juvenile record expunged , and people who were arrested but never charged can have their OSBI arrest record expunged. It is highly recommended that those looking to seal a felony record hire a qualified lawyer to assist you in the process.

For a deeper explanation of eligibility and qualifications in the State of Oklahoma, visit our dedicated pages for deferred sentence expungement and full record expungement. In the state of Oklahoma this process is not automatic. Your convictions do not simply "fall off" your record after a set amount of time.

F showing by clear and convincing evidence that the child will not be at risk by such placement. DHS denies the application to become a resource parent, when an applicant:. A verdict;. B plea of guilty; or.

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C plea of nolo contendere; or. The process the child welfare CW specialist follows for obtaining, sharing, and reporting an OSBI name and criminal history records search and an FBI national criminal history records search as outlined in 1 through 4 of this subsection.

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B files a copy of Form 04ADE for each applicant and adult household member in the resource file. A provides two fingerprint cards to the applicant and every person 18 years of age and older residing in the applicant's home;.

Section - Request for criminal history records, Okla. Admin. Code § | Casetext

B provides the applicant with an automated fingerprinting authorization obtained through Finance AS;. C instructs the applicant to take the authorization and fingerprint cards to local law enforcement or a fingerprinting agency for fingerprinting services. The applicant returns the cards to the CW specialist once fingerprinting is completed;.

E when the fingerprint cards are rejected and reprinting is necessary, returns the cards to and instructs the person, whose fingerprints were rejected, to take the cards to the original vendor, who reprints the person's fingerprints at no additional charge. The resource specialist completes Form 04AFE, National Criminal History Records Search Results —Addendum, for each adult household member when the national criminal history record search results are received.

A discusses the results with the applicant or adult household member;. B completes Form 04AFE;. C obtains the applicant's or adult household member's signature on the addendum; and. D files the addendum in the manila envelope with the appropriate national criminal history record search results based on fingerprints. Rap Back is a service offered to Oklahoma non-criminal justice government agencies for non-criminal justice purposes, such as the resource parent application, continued approval decisions, and trial home reunification.

B Fingerprinting for a national criminal history records search is necessary every five years for active resource parents. B on any open resource is emailed to the assigned resource specialist, resource supervisor, and field manager. A phone call is made to the field manager to verify receipt. A obtains the police report and disposition of the criminal arrest or charge detailed on the RAP Back report;.

B determines, upon consultation with the resource supervisor and field manager, if a written plan of compliance, an abuse or neglect referral, or closure of the home is warranted;. C contacts the resource parent to address and assess the information, when an abuse and neglect referral is not assigned;. D ensures the safety and well-being of each child placed in the resource home; and.

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Exception to fingerprinting procedures. An individual with a severe physical condition that prevents him or her from caretaking and being fingerprinted may not be required to submit a fingerprint card. Certain felonies prohibit applicant approval. Drug-related offenses. An alcohol-related felony conviction is a drug-related offense and prohibits approval of an applicant as a resource parent, when the conviction occurred within five years preceding the application date.

Child abuse and neglect information. Each adult household member and any child of the applicant or adult household member living in or outside of the home is searched using name, date of birth, and Social Security number. When the applicant or any household member discloses previous CW involvement in another state, regardless of when it occurred, the resource specialist requests the records from that state. B Child Protective Services Programs Unit staff conducts a search for the private, potential adoptive applicant.


Okla. Admin. Code § 375:9-1-2

C Search results are forwarded to the agency or other person authorized, per Section When the applicant or adult household member has not lived continuously in Oklahoma for the past five years, applicable out-of-state child abuse and neglect registries are obtained.

A The potential adoptive parent is not approved without the state-maintained child abuse and neglect registry check results, when a registry is maintained in the applicable state.

B When information cannot be obtained from another state, the resource specialist documents the name of the state and efforts made to obtain the information in the resource record. C When a state maintains a child abuse and neglect registry and does not respond to a DHS information request, the field manager notifies a Foster Care and Adoptions deputy director who contacts the Administration for Children and Families regional office for assistance and enters the contact in the KIDS resource case.

Oklahoma does not maintain a child abuse and neglect registry as referenced in the federal Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoption Act.

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A When the potential adoptive parent or adult household member is an active military service member living in the United States U. When the individual is inactive for more than five years, a criminal military history from the service member's branch of service is requested. B When the potential adoptive parent or adult household member was in military service outside the U.