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This applies only to individual lien holders, not financial institutions. The vehicle has to be in the same name as the new vehicle being titled in order to receive trade-in credit for tax purposes. If the original owner is giving their vehicle to another entity without consideration, monetary or otherwise, the original owner of the vehicle will have to assign the title over to the new owner.

Both the original owner and the entity receiving the vehicle will have to complete an Affidavit of Transfer of Ownership Without Consideration DMVTR which will have to be submitted with the title. Although the transaction is a gift, the original owner's plates cannot be used by the new owner.

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They must either have a valid plate in their name to transfer or purchase a new plate. The title has to be in the same name as the vehicle being purchased in order to receive trade-in credit i. In order to get the title the dealer must pay the lien off. Once the dealer receives the title the original owner brother would then have to sign the title over to the new owner brother. If the vehicle is titled in two names and the vehicle being purchased is going to only be in one of the previous owner's names, the title doesn't have to be transferred into only the new owner's name to receive trade-in credit.

Vehicles without liens may be titled and registered by mail or in person at one of the DMV Regional Offices ; or at one of the privately-owned license services located in most communities.

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If a title has a lien, and the final payment is made, the lien holder will send the title to the vehicle owner with the lien released. It is recommended at that time that the vehicle owner apply for a clear title, as the division is not notified when the lien is released and the lien remains on file with the division unless such application is made.

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If the title is lost and a lien is still on record with DMV, a lien release by the original lien holder would be required before a clear duplicate title can be issued. This could cause a delay in the sale of a vehicle. When a motor vehicle is sold or transferred, the odometer reading must be recorded in the assignment section of the title by the seller. If the title does not include this section for this purpose, the seller may record the mileage on an odometer statement on a form available from DMV.

If an odometer reading is not accurate, the seller must inform the buyer, and give a fair estimate of the actual mileage of the vehicle.

Electronic Lien & Title (ELT)

Use the following formula to determine if the vehicle is ten or more years old: The current calendar year minus ten equals the most recent exempt model year. Therefore, and older vehicles are exempt. Recording a vehicle's mileage and ensuring the accuracy of such recordings is part of DMV's efforts to protect consumers. Recording mileage history helps legal authorities to detect and prove cases of odometer tampering, or the illegal practice of rolling back a vehicle's mileage.

When this occurs, the true condition of the vehicle is misrepresented and the buyer is deceived. After the death of a vehicle owner, a survivor should remove the name of the deceased registrant from the vehicle's title. This is necessary for insurance and tax purposes and will lessen the burden for legal heirs after the death of the survivor.

To transfer the title of a jointly-owned vehicle the word "OR" appears between the two names into the survivor's name, the survivor signs the back of the title as the seller. The survivor also completes the remainder of the title and signs as the purchaser and completes the bottom of the title as the purchaser. If the title is in the deceased owner's name only, the executor, administrator or legal heir, if applicable needs to sign the title on behalf of the seller.

If the title is in joint ownership with the brand "and" appearing between the names, two signatures are required and the surviving spouse signs and then one of the above entities would have to sign on behalf of the deceased owner. If the title is in joint ownership with the brand "or" appearing between the names, the title can be transferred with just the surviving owner's signature. Don't need any other signatures. If no will or administrator exists, the legal heir s can complete a Legal Heir Affidavit DMVTR , which will allow the heir to sign on behalf of the deceased owner in order to transfer the title to the vehicle.

In both instances, the survivor should submit the properly assigned title, the odometer disclosure information, insurance information and the current registration card for the vehicle being titled. If a will exists, a certified copy of the court appointment documents for the executor or administrator must be attached to the title allowing them to sign for the deceased owner, the division will not accept a copy of the will in lieu of the court appointment. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.

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Click here for the Vehicle Titling Checklist. Titles Overview Every motor vehicle, trailer, semi trailer, pole trailer, and recreational vehicle when driven or moved upon a highway must be titled and registered. Titling a New Vehicle Certificate of Origin If you purchase a new vehicle, one that has never been titled in any state, the dealer must provide you with a manufacturer's certificate or statement of origin.

New Vehicle Purchases In West Virginia the dealer is required to collect and remit all of the taxes and fees along with the paperwork to the division, regardless of whether there is a lien or not. Used Vehicle Purchases If the vehicle purchased is used, you must have the previous owner's title properly reassigned to you whether it is a West Virginia title or an out-of-state title.

What should I do before buying a vehicle from a dealership? Should I expect the used car I'm buying to have a warranty?

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How do I verify whether a motor vehicle repair facility is properly licensed or registered by the Department of State? What do I need to know about leasing a vehicle? What is the fee for a disability license plate or parking placard? If I need to title my vehicle in Michigan, where should I apply for my title?


National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) – For Consumers | BJA

My spouse and I just purchased a vehicle from a private party, do we both need to visit a Secretary of State branch office to transfer the title? How can I get an instant title? I sold the vehicle; how do I get the title out of my name? The person I'm selling my vehicle to is asking that I leave my plate on it so he can drive it home. Should I do this? If I sell a vehicle to someone and I don't accompany the purchaser to a Secretary of State office or maintain a record of the sale, and the purchaser does not transfer the vehicle title into their name, am I liable for actions of the purchaser?

If I lost the previous title before transferring the vehicle into my name and I can't find the previous owner, how can I get a title for my vehicle? I'm purchasing or acquiring a vehicle from my uncle my father's brother.

Will I have to pay tax when transferring the title into my name? How do I convert my out-of-state title to a Michigan title? How do I register my vehicle if the lien holder is holding the title out-of-state? Can the Michigan title application form be faxed to a customer out-of-state? My spouse died, how do I transfer the vehicle into my name?