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As per its official policy, the Shasta County Sheriff's Office Records Department will not give warrant information over the phone. Ask for the Records Department when you reach the office at this address:. The office is open from a. Of course, visiting the sheriff's office when there is potentially a warrant out for your arrest sounds a little scary — and that's for good reason.

Finding Someone’s Criminal Records in Shasta County

Straight from the horse's mouth, the Shasta County Sheriff's Department says, " If you have a warrant, you may be taken into custody, or you may be cited and released. Whether you're arrested or simply cited depends entirely on the severity of the crime in question and is at the discretion of law enforcement.

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As an alternative to visiting in person, you may choose to hire a criminal defense attorney to determine if there is a criminal warrant out for you. In some cases, your attorney may be able to ascertain the bail amount and possibly even clear the warrant in court before you have to spend time in jail. While visiting the sheriff's office in person is the only way to find out if you have a warrant, you can contact law enforcement in other ways if you have further questions about your visit, about Shasta County warrants in general or about related issues.

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General law enforcement-related questions, including questions about crime reports, are fielded by phone during office hours at You can also email the Sheriff — Sheriff Tom Bosenko, as of — at sheriff co. Related, the California Public Records Act passed in guarantees that California citizens have the right to access government records upon request with the exception of a few records that may be sensitive to ongoing law enforcement proceedings. Warrants are included in the CPRA's coverage.

In , Chico's Action News Now reported that some Shasta County residents received a call from a person — who may refer to himself as "Sergeant Stokes" — informing them that there was a warrant out for their arrest.

Warrant Search - Shasta County, CA (Warrant Checks & Lookups)

You will also see the law enforcement agency that made the arrest and bail information. To acquire more information, you may contact the county jail at We strongly advise referring to the Record Division at the sheriff office. They gather information from all over the county and catalogue and stores various legal document. They will certainly be able to provide you with information on wanted persons against whom an arrest warrant has been issued.

They are located at the sheriff office Court St. Redding, California Questions should be directed to If you wish to carry out a Shasta County warrant search on the Internet, we suggest that you use the search box attached to this article.

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Moreover you will get access to civil records as well, such as marriage and divorce records, property reports, etc. The databases from which results arrive are highly reliable and are regularly updated.

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