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Reverse searches can be done for both cell phones and landlines, however, cell phones can be much more difficult for us to identify. When a match is found, you will be able to see the first and last name of the owner, where the number was registered, the address of the owner, a map of their location and more.

From AT&T Wireless:

Occasionally, we are unable to establish a positive match. When this happens, we will do our best to get you as much information on the number as we can find; including general location, phone service provider, and call complaints posted online. Doing a reverse phone lookup is your best bet. Luckily, online pubic records companies make this simple and affordable.

How Reverse Phone Lookup Works

Do an internet search for "cell phone reverse lookup. Choose the company that best fits your needs.

Many sites will promise "free reverse phone lookups," but those are really just searches of the white pages and very few people add their cell phone number to the white pages. You'll be lead through to a pay site, and from there you'll need to select the package that fits your needs.

International Phone Directories

Enter the number at the site of the company you choose. Our free reverse phone search can easily be tailored to broad international phone search.

5 Best Ways to Look Up a Cell Phone Number Online

As with all our services, your phone search is free and can save you a significant amount of time. Our collection of international phone directories encompass the globe. Every major geographical region has been represented and accounted for. As most telephone subscribers -- including both cell phone and landline -- are listed along with their postal addresses, you can literally find anyone anywhere in the world. Our international phone directories provide extensive information about telephone numbers across the world. Rather than cross-reference a multitude of phone directories, at Reverse Phone Check we've combined them into one convenient database. Use a direct or reverse lookup search to find the number you need.

Over 10,000,000 Successful Phone Lookups

Our international phone directories contain extensive details pertaining to registered -- and unlisted -- phone numbers in every major country. Get the most out of your international phone search.

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From quickly identifying the country code you need, to understanding the dialing conventions, we are committed to helping you make the most of your time. Are you using a calling card? Are you dialing through the local numbers on that card?